Saturday, July 15, 2017


I had my doubts about Freeform's new show The Bold Type.

I doubted it because the promos kept reassuring me that this show would fill the Pretty Little Liars-shaped hole in not only their scheduling block but also my heart.

Nothing can fill that hole. Sorry, any other show ever.

I doubted it because I found it hard to believe that Freeform, which used to be called ABC Family, could engineer and execute a TV show that efficiently and endearingly addresses sexy and/or controversial topics. 

Especially feminist-y things.

However, I never doubted the faith I had in Katie Stevens, who played Karma on MTV's fantastic dramedy Faking It (RIP), and who now plays Jane on The Bold Type. The former was known for "pushing the envelope" content-wise, and from what I've seen so far the latter might even push it a bit further.

Props to whoever cast Katie, because she's certainly cut out for this kind of stuff.

And by "stuff", I mean trying to invent a new sex position at work and convincing a friend (no, best friend) to stick their hand up all in your nether regions to retrieve a sunken sex toy.

And yes, we're still talking about a show that resides on the channel that's home to "Harry Potter Weekend" every other month.

Most shows, especially shows that are targeted at a teen/young adult audience (not looking at you Sex in the City, even though I watched you when I was like 15 or so...) are slow on the build-up to romance and sex. They introduce concepts and relationships periodically and are heavy-handed when it comes to establishing characters and their personalities before anything (or anyone) goes down. Before we can get to anything "juicy" or remotely relatable, we have to wait at least a handful of episodes.

Well, I am happy to announce that this is not the case with The Bold Type.

In the first two episodes, we saw (and heard) vibrators, orgasms, porn, Yoni eggs, a character questioning her sexuality, fantasies, a hearty amount of swears, and everything in between.

The three main characters in The Bold Type work for a Cosmo-esque magazine called Scarlet. As you can imagine, this premise not only allows for these kinds of discussions and story lines, it promotes and even wholeheartedly embraces them.

I lost count how many times the word "orgasm" was uttered in the second episode alone.

And it was awesome.

Putting the sexiness aside for a second, The Bold Type made me giddy simply because I can see myself in the three main characters. Me, specifically, because I would absolutely love to write for a magazine like Scarlet (cough Cosmo cough). But, I think everyone can find at least a glimmer of themselves in the three girls because they are so relatable and honest.

They're everything we are, hope to be, and strive to become. Which, if you ask me, is pretty freakin' uplifting in the world of today. 

So yeah, I was very pleasantly surprised by The Bold Type and I look forward to more hilarious sexual antics, introspective moments, and empowering bad-assery. 

It's about damn time we got a show that talks and thinks about sex in an unapologetic and uncensored way.

I mean...what other way is there really?

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