Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Hi everyone! This week I received my first Graze box in the mail, and I wanted to show you the goodies that I got. Graze is a subscription service that sends you snacks once a month in a cute little box! (Which is made out of recyclable materials, I might add!) The box that I got this month is called the Nibblebox, which is basically a starter box with four different snacks in it. Keep on reading to see the snacks that I tried and for a chance to get a free Graze box to try yourself! :)

The box even comes with this little pamphlet that includes info and ingredients!

Snack 1 of 4: Brooklyn Bites. Components = poppyseed pretzels (poppyseed bagels, anyone?), cheese flavored cashews (i love both cheese and cashews, so love), and roasted pumpkin seeds (october appropriate!)

Overall Score: 6.5/10. I liked it but I don't know if I could eat a whole bag of it!

Snack 2 of 4: Strawberry Shortcake. Components = raw pistachio kernels, strawberry drops, yogurt coated strawberry pieces, sponge pieces (sounds strange, but they're like little pieces of sponge cake...but crunchy)

Overall Score: 8/10. When you eat everything together, it really does tastes like strawberry shortcake! :) Quite tasty, in my opinion!

Snack 3 of 4: Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack. (I know, it's not a pancake. I'll explain in a minute) Components = all you need to know is that it's made of DELICIOUSNESS

Overall Score: 100/10. Yeah, it's that good. I ate a lot of flapjacks while I was in England, they are kinda like a thick, giant, scrumptious granola bar. On steroids. I already ate it and I wish I had more :(

Snack 4 of 4: Toffee Apple. Components = soft apple wedges, toffee sauce

Overall Score: 2/10. This is a matter of personal taste, I'm sure most people would love this! I don't really like dried fruit, so I wasn't a huge fan. But the toffee sauce was yummy :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing the contents of my Graze box! What do you think about subscription boxes? Worth it? Waste? What snack do you think looks the tastiest? The first four people to comment down below will receive a code for a free Graze box! :)

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  1. I love Graze! The Brooklyn Bites look so yummy!


  2. they definitely are! do you subscribe? :)

  3. Pleaaasseeeee <3 love you shanny - Bri

  4. Looks delicious! That coffee dip definitely sounds interesting :)

    1. it was! the flapjack was soooooo gooood though, A+ :)

  5. Hi Shannon! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! More info here:


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