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Hi everyone! I've had so much homework to do this weekend (who knew i would have so much reading to do as an english major...i kid, i kid) but I'm finally done now so my reward is writing this post! ;) (rewarding myself with writing...yeah i guess that's a bit odd!) I was reading Genevieve's Life Blog the other day (link down below), and I pretty much squealed with delight when I saw that she had created a Harry Potter tag! Harry Potter has, and always will be, my absolute favorite book series and I like to think that it is partially responsible for making me into the person I am today (you know, apart from my parents and all that other stuff that greatly influenced my upbringing) In fact, I plan on inking something HP related somewhere on my body very soon! ;) More on that later though, onto the tag!

Question Number One: First experience of Harry Potter?

When I was about 6 or 7, my mom bought me the first few Harry Potter books (they hadn't been out too long at that point) I remember vividly sitting down one day, cracking open Sorcerer's Stone, (to all you UK people reading this, yes Philosopher's Stone sounds so much cooler) reading about 2 or 3 pages, and giving up. I was pretty advanced as far as reading level for my age went, but I think HP was still a bit over my head at that point...

Question Number Two: Which film have you watched the most?

You know, I thought this question would be harder to answer! I have to say Sorcerer's Stone/Chamber of Secrets because I have those two on VHS and I used to watch them constantly when I was younger. I was the little girl who walked around her house putting on a fake British accent and quoting Hermione any chance I got ;)

Basically me from ages 7-12

Question Number Three: What is your favorite Harry Potter film?

Okay, now this one is hard. Cliche disclaimer: All of the movies have a special place in my heart, blah blah blah. I truly do love all of them, but going back to the second question, I have to say that it's a tie between Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets. I think Chamber of Secrets is really underrated and often forgot about, even though it has some of my favorite scenes in it...Ron eats slugs, the dueling club, Polyjuice Potion anybody?! And of course I have to say Sorcerer's Stone purely for the sentimental value...oh, and the fact that I can pretty much quote the whole thing verbatim (no shame!)

Question Number Four: Favorite moment out of all of the films?

Another hard one! Like really hard. Every scene is good, how am I supposed to pick one? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the scene from Goblet of Fire where Harry apparates back to the maze entrance with Cedric's dead body...the emotion in that scene is so raw, especially from Amos. It's heartbreaking to watch and it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. But because I can, I'm gonna name a few more of my favorites: anything having to do with going back to Hogwarts (the train journey, so beautiful), anything with Snape in it (I love me some Alan Rickman), and the Yule Ball :)

Question Number Five: If you could be any character, who would you be?

Well, I already think of myself as being like Hermione (insert picture of me dressed up as her here) since we have many similarities, so I'm gonna pick someone else! Weirdly enough, I'm going to say McGonagall because she's an Animagus (yes please) and she's a badass witch. So yeah.

Yep...that's me!

I'm a boss ass witch, witch, witch, witch, witch, witch, witch...see what i did there? ;)

Question Number Six: If you could learn one thing at Hogwarts, what would it be?

Easy! I'm going to agree with Genevieve here and say how to ride a broomstick! Every time I watch a Quidditch scene I have an urge to hop on one and ride around!

Question Number Seven: Favorite teacher at Hogwarts?

Hands down, Snape. Don't need to tell me to turn to page 394 twice ;)

And that's it for the Harry Potter tag! Once again, credit goes to Genevieve for creating this awesome tag :) I'll link to her blog down below! Also, I got a chance to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour (!!!) when I was in London and I took some pretty cool pictures, so if you'd be interested in seeing those leave a comment down below! Oh, and I tag anyone who wants to do this tag! ;)

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  1. I remember thinking Chamber of Secrets was sooo scary... the blood on the wall was creepy! My fave movie is the Prisoner of Azkaban... I re-watched that one WAY too many times :P


    1. the basilisk is still pretty scary! haha, i love them all <3

  2. I'm obsessed with harry potter, can't live without it!

  3. Great post, interesting choice with McGonagall there. :) I am such a fan of Harry Potter too & definitely want to do this tag!

  4. thank you! :) you definitely should, let me know when you do as i'd love to read it!

    1. Hi Shannon, Just letting you know I have recently done this tag myself & would love it if you wanted to give it a read :)

  5. I can never get enough of Harry Potter. SO going to do this tag!! :D

    Thanks for sharing it!!

    Sarah x

  6. me neither! yay, let me know when you do so i can read it :)


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