Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hi everyone! Happy #StudyAbroadSunday! Today we're going to explore my home away from home: Winchester, England. Even though I traveled all over while I was studying abroad, I always missed Winchester when I was away and I couldn't wait to get back "home". Winchester is a quaint little town about an hour south of London and it is filled with so much history and character, it truly has a piece of my heart. I only lived there for 3 months but I miss it every day! I met my boyfriend Mike while I was living in Winchester, so that in itself makes Winchester a special place. Not only did I meet Mike, I met some really amazing friends that made my experience abroad so much fun and I miss them so much. I will be back in Winchester in December when I go to England to see Mike, I'm so excited! :)

The first one I saw in England :')

Me looking really tiny in comparison to Winchester Cathedral, it's massive!

Inside the cathedral

This graveyard is in between campus and town, so everyone walks through it! Sounds weird, but there are lights in it so it's not creepy, quite pretty actually :)

My first proper tea! That scone was to DIE for

This pretty much sums up my study abroad experience lol

My friend Sed and I!

The night I met Mike :') He is the second from the right in the top row!


Disclaimer: The drinking age in England is 18 so if you're wondering how I'm drinking and I'm only 20, that's how ;)

Hope you enjoyed my pictures, I loved doing this post because I love looking through all of them! :)

until next time,

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