Wednesday, September 3, 2014


 Hi everyone! Today I decided to do a post (my first post!) about Vinted, an app that I  have been using and absolutely loving this past month! I discovered Vinted while watching  one of Megan's (MissMeghanMakeup on Youtube, if you've never watched one of her  videos go check her out!) recent clothing hauls.
At it's core, Vinted is an online marketplace for selling clothes and accessories. As a broke college student, I am always searching for opportunities to make extra money! So, when I discovered that I could sell my clothes that are taking up precious shelf space in my closet and don't even fit me anymore, I was ecstatic. Generally, users on Vinted are selling used clothes but you can sell new and mint condition garments as well. Even that dress with the tags still on that you never wore! And the two best things about Vinted? You get to decide the prices and the buyer pays the shipping price!

   Here are 5 easy ways to get started selling on Vinted:

   1. Get that closet of yours cleaned out! Go through your closet and pick out the items that don't fit you or your style anymore. Popular brands like Forever 21, H&M, Brandy Melville, and Pacsun sell quickly.

   2. Make an account and list your items. Take high quality pictures of all of your items on a simple, neutral background. You don't want to use your (albeit very cute) polka dot bedspread as a background! Hanging your clothes on a hanger is important while taking pictures because they give the buyer an idea what the piece will look like on. (A mannequin is even better if you have one) Next, create a listing for each item and upload your picture(s). (The rest of the form will ask for things like title, description, color, brand, selling price, retail price, ect.) Then, just choose a shipping option based on size and voila!

  3. Wait for you first sale! Making your first sale on Vinted is a rush, let me tell you! Not only are you de-cluttering your closet and making money, you are contributing something to the buyer's wardrobe as well! It's a win-win situation for everyone ;)

  4. Ship! As soon as your item sells, you will be able to print out a (free) shipping label for your package. If your item is small, use a padded envelope or plain box to ship. If your item is slightly larger, you can use a plain box or a free Priority Mail box from the post office! Just make sure you don't pick up the Flat Rate boxes by accident, they look very similar but wont work with a Vinted label :( I learned this lesson the hard way and had to rip apart my boxes that I had spent 10 minutes assembling! When you've found the right box, just put the item inside, slap your label on the outside, and you are all set!

  5. Get paid. As soon as the buyer receives their package and they give the "OK", your payout will be available in Vinted's built-in wallet. Vinted links directly to your bank account so receiving your money is easy and safe! Vinted does charge a 19% selling fee on every item (e.g. if you price an item for $5 and it sells, you will get $4.05).

  I've made about $200 selling clothes on Vinted in the past month or so. It's a great way to     acquire some extra cash and make way for all those new fall clothes! I'll link to the website     down below where you can create an account and get started! Also, I'll link to my closet          below if you want to take a little peek ;) Comment down below with any questions and if you'd like another post with some more advanced tips!

happy selling!


  1. good first post :)

  2. thank you so much! glad you enjoyed :) stay tuned for another post very soon!

  3. Nice tip! Great post! I'm going to check it out!

  4. I have just found out about Vinted, i signed up and i love how they give you a little welcome package! I will definitely be selling some of my clothes on there in the future! I can not believe how much money you made, thats amazing!

  5. isn't it amazing?! i'm pleased with my success so far, it's such a great tool for both buyers and sellers! glad you signed up, if you post the link to your closet i will gladly follow you :)


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