Saturday, December 27, 2014


Hi everyone! Wow, it's been way too long since I last blogged, it feels so good to be back :) I spent last weekend in Rome (I had to keep telling myself it was December, it was so warm it felt like summer!) and I wanted to share some of my pictures with you all! (I don't know about you, but ever since I saw The Lizzie McGuire movie when I was younger I've always wanted to go to Rome!) We managed to see most (if not all) of the famous sites in the city like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and the Vatican (and the Sistine Chapel, but sadly I couldn't take any pictures in there, boo) I was extremely disappointed to discover that the Trevi Fountain is still under construction and it has ugly scaffolding all over it! That was one of the things I was really looking forward to seeing, but it was kind of cool that we were able to walk through it since there is no water in it. Oh, and I ate some really delicious food. A lot of delicious food. Definitely a highlight of my trip! Well enough blabbing, let's get into the pictures!

i got a heart in my cappuccino!

when in rome. am i right?

my amazing porcini mushroom fettuccine

mike's giant calzone


cannolis are life

mike and i our first night in rome

just chillin at the colosseum

not a white christmas, but still beautiful for sure!

be adventurous

this lovely building (the pantheon) was a two minute walk from our hotel!

a view of the roman forum

the vatican

cathedrals are abundant in europe and they are all gorgeous 

until next time,



  1. Wow Rome doesn't look christmassy at all, but it's still beautiful!:)


  2. there were a few christmas trees and some lights! but mostly it just felt like summer :)


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