Sunday, January 4, 2015


Hi everyone! The holidays have passed now, but I was so busy at the time I never got to blog about what I did on Christmas and beyond! As you know, I spent this Christmas with my boyfriend Mike and his family in England. The whole clan ventured to a place called Warmwell, which is about 2 and a half hours south of London on the coast. We stayed in cabins at a holiday park (hard to explain to someone who has never been to one before, if i had to compare it to something in america i would say it's like a campground but with cheesy entertainment, games, and a bar) for 5 days and we all had a lovely time! Mike's mum and her sisters cooked Christmas dinner for all 15 of us and it was absolutely delicious. We had turkey (strange for Christmas as I'm used to turkey on Thanksgiving but I was more than happy to eat it again), gammon (ham), chicken, stuffing, potatoes, carrots, peas, and of course Yorkshire puddings! Yum :)

i don't know what the face is for, everything tasted amazing :)

We ate our lovely meal and pulled open our Christmas crackers which is where we got our fashionable crowns from ;) Oh, and in case you were wondering I ended up wearing the black and green dress that I bought from Francesca's!

sunset over the lake near our cabin

We went to Weymouth a few times, which is a nearby city that is right on the sea. Mike and I had a nice cream tea (a pot of really nice tea, a scone, and some clotted cream and jam to go with it) at a little shop on the high street.

And then we headed to the beach!

After our trip to Warmwell, Mike and I went out one night to a pub with about 10 of his best friends! Some of them he hadn't seen in a long time and some of them I had never met before, so it was fun for both of us :)

this is mike's best friend's girlfriend, her name is shannon too!

Mike and I also went ice skating at Hampton Court Palace and it was so much fun! Well, I may have enjoyed myself a bit more than Mike did because I actually like ice skating ;) The rink was small and there were loads of people but somehow we managed to maneuver our way through them and not fall!

my favorite picture of mike and i so far :)

until next time,


  1. Lovely photos, looks like you had an amazing Christmas :) Happy New Year! x

  2. thank you, i definitely did! :) hope you did too x


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