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Hi everyone! I feel like lately all I've been doing is apologizing for not posting anything, but that ends today because I'm home from Orlando with plenty of time to kill before my friend Brittany flies in on Friday! Yep, that's right, we didn't have to say goodbye (thankfully) because I will be seeing my lovely Disney BFF/roommate in five short days :)

All I've been doing the last few weeks (well, besides working and packing and trying to spend as much time with my friends as possible and squeezing in as much time in the parks as i was humanly able) is reflecting on my time working at Disney World and how it has changed me. Yes, I am definitely aware of how cliche that sounds but it is truly the only way to put it! I know that I am not alone in feeling this way, as I'm sure that my co-workers, friends, and roommates would agree with me.

Now hate is a strong word, but when I first started my journey at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (whew, that's a mouthful! we all just call it Pecos buttttt that's its formal name) I was not the biggest fan of my role...I remember my first day the thought (and smell) of dealing with other people's trash made me gag beyond belief. After those three days of training I felt like I was drowning in information, struggling to find some way to remember everything that had been thrown at me. 

Let's be real here for a second: Pecos Bill is, when it comes down to it, a really well themed McDonald's. And also the third busiest restaurant in the world after Cosmic Ray's (Tomorrowland, also in Magic Kingdom) and a McDonald's in Shanghai, China. So considering these two facts, I think my anxiety was justified. But as the days went on and I spent practically every waking hour at work (one shift i was at work until 2 a.m...i considered quitting after that ordeal but i talked myself out of that one) I became more comfortable with my responsibilities and the people I was surrounded by.

The Disney College Program is unique in the way that is brings together so many different people. People from different states, different countries, different walks of life, different cultures. When I studied abroad in England, I went there to be immersed in a singular culture. Somewhat unknowingly, living in Orlando and working at Disney World not only immersed me in the Disney culture but countless others as well. I made friends from England, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, China, and Japan as well as all over the United States! It didn't take long for me to figure out the difference between Aussies and Kiwis, and the fact that the difference is everything. My Aussie friends introduced me to Tim Tams (the greatest cookie...or should i say biscuit? on the face of the planet) and explained to me how Australia is made up of states just like the U.S. is.

Weirdly enough, I would say Disney culture is arguably more exotic than any of the aforementioned ways of life. The company that Walt started way back in 1923 has become the leading force in the world of media and entertainment and has created a truly unique environment for cast members and guests alike. The mission and morals that are upheld and promoted by the company are in turn instilled in cast members and therefore the image is perpetuated by all of us who make the magic real. Working at Disney on the college program teaches you a whole new language of ER's, ADO's, and ROS's (early release, additional day off, release of shift, respectively) and probably an actual new language due of the sheer amount of people from all over the world who walk through the gates every single day. I like to think that I know a little bit more Spanish now than before...

Working at Magic Kingdom (more specifically Pecos Bill) taught me more than I ever thought possible.

It taught me how to be the ultimate team player, but also the importance of being able to be independent.

It taught me how to put others before myself, whether that be my fellow cast members or the guests we serve.

It taught me that even the smallest triumphs can be celebrated, but it's the big ones that should be announced to the entire restaurant with a chorus of cowbells and a rowdy yeehaw.

It taught me how a smile can say more than words ever could.

It taught me that even when things seem like they can't possibly get any worse, they can. And they will. But that it can get better in a split second.

It taught me how to be a better friend.

It taught me how to let the little things go, and even some big things.

It taught me that sometimes you have to get a little bit dirty, and that's okay.

It taught me how to prep hot cheese, and that I would be happy if I never had to prep it again.

It taught me that a strong work ethic will get you far in life, no matter what anyone says.

And most of all, it taught me to reach for my dreams no matter the price.

That, my friends, is what I plan to do.

until next time,

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  1. That's so cool that you worked at Disney! I did a similar program at Yellowstone National Park and it was pretty awesome. :)
    Classy Country Girl


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