Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Hi everyone! Today I'm doing an outfit of the day for you all (this is actually really exciting because at home I hardly ever have anyone to take pictures of me) and my good friends Jaden and Brittany (also my roommate) decided to join in on the OOTD fun! Brittany and I went to Forever 21 today (it was our day off and it was due time we add some pizzazz to our closet) and then we headed over to Hollywood Studios in our new threads.

Funny story about the dress I bought today (and am wearing in this picture): Myself and quite a few of my fellow co-workers are obsessed with Pretty Little Liars (Jaden and I watched the finale together and screamed and laughed and cried together...all of the feelsssss) and our co-worker Justin calls me Spencer because I remind him of her. For me, this is a huge compliment because not only do I love her character and think we are similar in personality, but I love her outfits too! So, when I saw this dress in Forever 21 today I immediately thought of Spencer and I had to buy it! My personal style isn't as collegiate or preppy as Spencer's but I do love wearing quote on quote preppy pieces and grunging them up a bit like I did with this outfit.

excuse the awkward arms...i think i was moving while this was taken lol

I really like the belt with this dress, the cinched waist makes it look more put together.

I paired my "Spencer" dress with my combat boots from Boohoo and these frilly white socks from Boohoo as well.


I adore this outfit that Brittany bought today from Forever 21!

I can't pull off yellow to save my life, but she definitely can! I can't get enough of high-waisted shorts, and this pair is flattering to say the least. I love tucking shirts into high-waisted shorts too, it makes the outfit look so polished!

kimono: abercrombie, jeans: hollister

Kimonos are such a versatile piece in any wardrobe, especially a neutral colored one like Jaden is wearing.

The kimono dresses up the outfit a bit, but the ripped jeans still keeps the look casual.

Jaden's watch is too cute not to show you up close! I think the floral design adds a little pop of color to the outfit.

Fashion is a form of personal expression and therefore a reflection of our true selves. I find examining other people's sense of style and clothing choices inspires me to incorporate new pieces or trends into my own personal wardrobe. I'm happy that Brittany and Jaden agreed to be in this post because I admire both of their styles! <3

Let me know down in the comments which outfit is most like your own personal style! Also, more OOTDs? Yay or nay? More guest appearances? I'd love some feedback from you all.

until next time,

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