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Hi everyone! First, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to anyone who has followed me on Bloglovin, it's exciting to see the number continue to grow! If you haven't already, hit that button down there and follow me so you can keep up with my posts! ;) And also, thanks to my friends and family who read my first post and told me to keep on blogging because they loved it :) And on that note, on to today's post!

Back on August 19th (it feels like forever ago, which makes me sad!), my mom and I traveled two and a half hours to Mansfield, Massachusetts to see Arcade Fire (!!!) at the Xfinity Center. I bought the tickets for the concert way back in December so to be honest I had forgotten about it up until about March or April! Forgetting made it even better though because I got super stoked when I remembered! :)

  Cover art for Arcade Fire's newest album, Reflektor

I went to Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco (really cool three day music and arts festival with a killer lineup and awesome food) back in 2011 when I still lived in California and sadly I missed seeing Arcade Fire by a day! :( Arcade Fire has been one of my favorite bands for years now so when I saw that they were coming to the Boston area I knew that this was my chance to finally see them live!

From the music video for "Reflektor"

Arcade Fire is an indie rock band from Canada that has been making sweet, sweet music since 2001, long before I was even into indie music! Husband and wife duo Win Butler and Regine Chassagne (insert collective sigh here just for the sheer cuteness of fronting a band together) are at the helm this epic group along with four other permanent members, one being Win's brother Will. Although I must admit that their 2010 album The Suburbs has undoubtedly been my favorite since the beginning, I was thrilled to hear some of their new songs from Reflektor live (to name a few: Afterlife, Reflektor, We Exist) and of course some classics like Ready to Start, The Suburbs, and We Used to Wait.

I was sitting virtually right under the big video screen and the pictures that I took of that ended up being better than the ones I took of the stage itself! Here are some I took before and during the show! 

 My mom and I before the concert

Win Butler...swoon

Regine plays pretty much every instrument ever (accordion here) and has a voice like a French angel

The concert was so much more than a concert, it was truly an artistic experience! Arcade Fire is not only musically talented, but uber creative as well. Their stage design and visuals were breathtaking to lay eyes on and enhanced the music even further. For songs like The Suburbs and We Exist, the video screen behind the band played sequences from the corresponding music videos. I adore the music video for We Exist, Andrew Garfield (yes, Spiderman's Andrew Garfield) stars as a transgender individual struggling with identity and he nails it. I'll link it down below, watch it if you've never seen it!

I was more than pleasantly surprised with the set list for the concert! :) They played all of my favorites (besides a few but you can't always get what you want, right?) and a few songs that I've never considered a "favorite" but now that I've heard them live I've developed a new love for! The two hours whizzed by and I was so disappointed when it was over because I never wanted it to end! Guess I'll just have to wait for their next album to come out so I can go to another concert ;) I'll link below to the music video for We Exist, it's beautiful and heart wrenching and inspiring, a must watch!

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  1. I just discovered your blog. I like it sooo much!
    I started to follow you.
    I hope you'll like mine too :)

  2. Ahhh I love love love Arcade Fire :) Thank you for your comment on my music post! xxx


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