Friday, May 26, 2017


So, I graduated from college last Saturday.

As I climbed the stairs to the stage, carefully, I was worried about falling on my face. A totally rational fear, I assure you.

I was also preoccupied by my cap, which kept falling off my head because I wasn't forward-thinking enough to check which side was the "front" before I stared decorating.

I swear I'm smart enough to wield a degree. Promise.

I made it up the stairs and across the stage with little to no problem, but I got tripped up by what the president of my university asked me as we shook hands.

"So, what are you going to do now?"

"Oh, I'm waitressing!"

After the words came out of my mouth, and his face seemed to droop a bit, I started to think I said the wrong thing.

It was a stupid answer, right?

He was expecting me to say something like, "Oh, I got a fabulous position at a magazine!" or "Yes, of course, I'll be working at the world's most renowned publishing company!", right?

I mean, that is the point of going to college after all. To develop the skills and master the tools that will start you on the path to career stardom. And to get that fancy piece of paper that confirms said tools and skills.

The more I thought about my answer, however, the more I realized my answer wasn't "wrong" or "stupid". Not everyone finds the perfect career-boosting job fresh out of college, or even finds a relevant job at all at first, and that's okay.

There's no shame in doing something that you didn't go to school to do, and honestly there isn't any shame in doing something like waitressing at all! It's a really hard job and I am constantly amazed by how effortless many of them make it look!


I also admire the people who do get awesome "I-totally-went-to-school for this" jobs right out of college as well. I know I'll find the perfect English-y career sometime soon...for now, I'm going to enjoy rolling around in large piles of cash and serving hungry people all the seafood they can stomach.

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  1. A friend of mine took on the "will he trip" question head on and executed a somersault across the stage!

    Congrats Shannon!! :)


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