Sunday, June 4, 2017


Shopping in "that aisle" has pretty much always been an awkward experience, but like a fine wine or cheese, it gets better with age.

You know what I mean by "that aisle".

Feminine hygiene products and/or sexual health supplies.

(Okay, depending on the store, sometimes you have to go to two separate aisles. Yeesh.)

I hate the phrase "feminine hygiene" for so many reasons, but for all intents and purposes, it stands.

The spotlight effect is the real deal, and perusing the aisle(s) of your local Target or Walmart for ultra-ribbed condoms and tampons (maybe not in the same trip...or maybe, yes?) can crank that baby up to a blinding brightness you didn't even know was scientifically possible.

So many thoughts running through your head while you stand there and search the shelves...

This would be a fantastic time to see someone I know, especially a male acquaintance or that hot guy from Starbucks with the impeccable man bun.

Whatever you do, DON'T let your eyes stray too far. They're totally going to think you're looking at the pregnancy tests.

Looking at condoms and/or lube? Cool, the entire store thinks you're a slut now.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Alright, the first one is somewhat rational. It is a possibility....

But that's besides the point. Shopping for things like condoms, tampons, pads, and lube (I could go on and on, really...that's just a sampling of all the cool stuff you can find) feels awkward because we're taught and told so many conflicting things.

Dress scantily, but don't sleep around. (Let alone enjoy sex. Scandalous!)
Be sexy, but not too sexy.
Attend to your body, but keep it under wraps because it's "gross". Periods? Ew.

Well, though I may not be 100% confident myself when it comes to shopping in "that aisle", I do know that it's kind of silly to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

If anything, we should feel empowered, excited, and grateful.

Empowered by the choices we make for ourselves and our partner(s).

Excited, because sex is awesome and so are our bodies!!!

Grateful to have access to things that help us live easier and safer lives. Sadly, not everyone has access to products we think of as necessary!

What I'm trying to say is next time you go shopping and you find yourself in "that aisle", linger a little bit longer than usual.

Take your time, don't rush! There's so much to look at and try.

Chances are no one is looking at you anyways and maybe you'll even discover something new.

Stay safe, kids.

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