Saturday, January 31, 2015


Howdy y'all! Oh wait...hi everyone :) The past few days I've been training at my location in Frontierland so talking like a cowgirl is basically ingrained in my brain now! Remember how I had my "Earning My Ears" ribbon on my nametag while I was training? Well, yesterday I passed my assessment and finished my on the job training so I got to take my ribbon off! Tomorrow is my first shift on my own (when i say on my own i mean not training, i'm never really on my own because at any given time there are probably 50 other people working anyways!) and I know I won't be perfect at anything right away, but with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust I know can do it ;)

For those of you who might be wondering, I do in fact get to wear a costume to work! And yes, it is the same one every day! Actually, in addition to working at Pecos Bill's in Frontierland I also work at Tortuga Tavern in Adventureland (aka right across from Pirates of the Carribbean, aka my favorite ride ever) however sadly I wear the same costume for both :( I was really hoping for a piratey costume but no such luck! Surprisingly enough, I like my costume! (trust me, compared to some that i've seen, mine is cute!)

I had the day off on Thursday (!!!) so I decided to make a solo trip to Epcot while my roommates were all at work! Everyone felt bad for me when I told them I was going by myself, but honestly going alone is so much fun! You can wander around, do whatever you want when you want, and best of all: utilizing the single rider line, which gets you on practically every ride in 20 minutes or less!

Shockingly (sarcasm, you'll understand in a second), I started and ended my day in the United Kingdom pavilion! It's no Winchester or London, but it sure does make me feel like I'm back there if only for a little while :)

fish and chips...nom

italy! don't mind my finger lol

china! gotta come back and eat EVERYTHING

trolls in norway...

That up there is Norwegian school bread and IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The bakery in the Norway pavilion has lots of yummy treats, but I had to try this one because I've heard so much about it. It's a bun with cream in the middle and cream/coconut on top! I was sad when it was gone because it was so delicious :(

I went on over to The Seas with Nemo and Friends later on in the day to check out all of the awesome marine animals! I had a nice conversation with a couple of cast members who had done the college program and are now doing a professional internship as dolphin trainers :)

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