Saturday, April 4, 2015


Hi everyone! Spring is in full swing here at Disney World (although the sweltering temperatures say otherwise...i'm not complaining though!) and that means Easter is quickly approaching! Hunting for Easter eggs is fun, but of course searching for them at Disney World is even better! My roommate Kayla and I went to EPCOT the other day and took part in the 2015 Eggstravaganza, which is basically a giant Easter egg hunt that spans the World Showcase section of the park. Each country had a hidden egg featuring a beloved Disney character and together we found all 12! At first I wasn't sure how difficult they would be to find, considering the fact that the activity was mostly marketed towards children, but it took Kayla and I quite a while to find some of them. I don't have a picture of two of them because they were hard to get a good picture of but here are the rest of those sneaky eggs ;)

our cute little map!

the white rabbit perched on a windowsill in the uk

minnie looking cute as usual in france

dale chillin in morocco

daisy relaxing near the pond in japan

who else but the boss himself in america?! this one took kayla and i forever...

perry the platypus on a balcony in italy

thumper in the outpost...this one took us literally forever

figment in china! my roommate meghan pointed out that it makes sense because he's a dragon...didn't even realize till she said that lol

chip atop the church in norway, i know it's chip because he has the nose that looks like a chocolate chip ;)

last but certainly not least we have donald in mexico!

Continuing along with the Easter theme, Kayla and I headed over to the Grand Floridian afterwards to check out the eggstremely (see what i did there?) beautiful hand-painted Easter eggs on display there! Can you guess what each egg is supposed to represent?

until next time,

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