Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hi everyone! Today's #StudyAbroadSunday post is about my adventures in Dublin, Ireland! I ventured to Dublin with my friends Rachel, Katherine, and Sed the weekend before St. Patrick's Day. Even though St. Patty's Day is more of an American holiday (i dont think Irish people celebrate it as enthusiastically as we, it was a really awesome experience just to be in Ireland around this time! Some of the buildings were lit up green, so that was a nice touch for us Americans :) Out of all of the trips I took while I was abroad, I would call this one my "drinking" trip! My friends and I toured both the Guinness and Jameson factories (within 24 hours of each other, I might add...hence the later snapchat you'll see), so we definitely tuned into the Irish drinking culture ;) We all liked the Jameson tour, but we loved the Guinness factory and we spent pretty much a whole day there! It was surprisingly intriguing to learn how Guinness is made and you get free Guinness! Yum. Here are some of my favorite pictures! :)

*cue angels singing*

Where the Guinness is actually made and stored!

We learned how to pour the perfect pint...certificate included!

The Guinness stew I had...I still dream about it sometimes

Because it's sooooooo delicious

Katherine called this "Irish handcuffs"

After we learned how to pour the perfect pint!

Learning how they make the whiskey!

St. Patrick's Cathedral!

Gorgeous sunset over the River Liffey that runs through Dublin

One of the lit up buildings for St. Patrick's Day!

Hope you enjoyed today's #StudyAbroadSunday! I hope in the future I can go back to Dublin when I have more money and fully experience everything it has to offer. And drink more Guinness :)

until next time,

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