Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA the last few days, I've been super busy with school and work! But I'm back today with #StudyAbroadSunday: London Edition! One of the best things about studying in Winchester is that it's only about an hour away from London. So, obviously I seized every opportunity I had to explore this wonderful city! I probably journeyed to London about ten times in the span of three months, whether it was a day trip or the beginning of a longer trip (my friends and i flew out of gatwick a few times going to dublin and paris!) Since I made so many trips to London, this post will be a collection of photos that I took over the course of my three month stint in England :) And for all my fellow Harry Potter lovers, this post will also include my trip to Leavesden Studios, aka the studio that Harry Potter was filmed at! Let's jump right in!

Let's face it...Big Ben is essentially London's mascot. However, Big Ben is the bell inside the tower and not the clock ;)

Cue cliche picture with telephone booth because why not

My lovely buds and I in front of THE Buckingham Palace *dies*

Ah the London are lovely to look at but WAY too expensive to ride...sigh

A beautiful view of Big Ben from Trafalgar Square...pic credit to Rachel <3

Cause you're gonna hear me roarrrrrrrrr ;)

Tower Bridge aka not London Bridge but way cooler

I found a cute little door so naturally I had to take a picture with it

I was chosen to open the doors to the Great Hall so basically the best day of my life

Ravenclaw representttttt wut wut


Bae's classroom <3

The humble Weasley abode :)

Umbridge *cringes*

Number Four Privet Drive

This Hogwarts diorama takes up an entire room!

Hope you enjoyed this installment of #StudyAbroadSunday! Comment down below and tell me if you've ever been to London/if you want to visit someday! Also let me know if you want to see more pictures from the Harry Potter studio tour, as there are more where that came from!

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  1. Wow, it looks like you are having fun in London! I've moved from close to London to Vancouver on my study abroad and am missing it a LOT. I cannot believe I haven't been to London in two months now - I'm seriously having withdrawal issues.

    Rachael at

  2. i studied in london last spring, but i miss it too! my boyfriend lives outside of london and i'm going there at christmas, so i can't wait to go back! :D


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